Wizards Unite Professions Guide

Wizards Unite Professions Guide; Which One To Choose?

Welcome, fellow wizard, to our Wizards Unite Professions Guide!

This professions guide will give you a complete overview of the three choices you’re faced with; Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. Each profession comes with it’s own skill tree and playing style.

If you’re brand new to the game, we would recommend checking out our beginners guide to get yourself familiar with the games features before diving into our more detailed articles.

What are the Wizards Unite Professions?

The three professions that you can choose from in Wizards Unite are:

Wizards Unite Professions Logos

The three profession logos; Auror, Magizoologist and Professor.


Aurors are led by Harry Potter. The official in-game description states that Aurors “are combat veterans who defeat foes by combing their innate leadership with a litany of debilitating spells”. The Auror profession is one that specialises in spell casting, taking care of dark wizards and straight up damage. Aurors are at their best against dark forces and at their weakest against beasts. This profession is combat focused.


Magizoologists are led by Rubeus Hagrid. The official description in-game states that Magizoologists “focus on healing and helping their teammates”. The Magizoologists are at their best against beasts and weakest against curiosities. This profession is support focused.


Professors are led by Minerva McGonagall. The offical game description states that Professors “use their deep magical knowledge to debilitate foes while also supporting their teammates”. Professors are at their best against curiosities and weakest against dark forces. This profession is balanced in style.

Can you change your Wizards Unite Profession?

It’s important to note that you can switch between the professions at any time, and keep your progress on all three. If you do switch though, you will naturally lose the benefit of that profession when you switch, but then gain the benefits of your new profession.

Which Wizards Unite Profession should I choose?

The right profession for you will likely depend on your playing style. Aurors could be seen as for more attacking players, with Magizoologists more defensive and Professors as balanced. What you choose may well also depend on who your favourite character(s) are in the Harry Potter series! The ability to switch between the professions at any time takes the pressure off the choice somewhat.

Wizards Unite Profession Skill Trees

Each profession in the game features a Skill Tree; progressing the skill tree further allows you to unlock more powerful abilities. The higher the progression in the skill tree, the more powerful you will become at that profession.

Auror Profession Skill Tree

The current Auror profession skill tree in Wizards Unite.

To be able to progress through a skill tree, you will need to acquire Scrolls and Spell Books. Scrolls and Spell books can be earned from completing in game challenges, levelling your character up and from encounters. The higher you progress through the skill tree, the more scrolls and spell books you will need to progress to the next ‘branch’ of the tree.

Both scrolls and spell books can be difficult to come by, so plan carefully.

Wizards Unite Profession Strengths and Weaknesses

Each profession has a strength, a neutrality and a weakness against a certain enemy within the game. There are three types of foes in Wizards Unite; Beasts, Curiosities and Dark Forces.

Aurors are strong against dark forces, neutral against curiosities and weak against beasts.
Magizoologists are strong against beasts, neutral against dark forces and weak against curiosities.
Professors are strong against curiosities, neutral against beasts and weak against dark forces.

You can see that it will be important to have a variety of professions within a team when challenging a fortress due to the rock-paper-scissors (or fire-grass-water for Pokemon Go players) nature of the professions. The higher levels of a fortress will be extremely difficult and potentially impossible if the members of a team are all of one profession.

Teaming Up With Other Wizards Unite Professions

As with Pokemon Go, you will be able to play Wizards Unite as a solo player. However, Niantic are very focused on making thofficeir games an interactive, solo experience.

As with Pokemon Go raids, it’s expected that fortresses will require a team of players to take down the more difficult levels, as it is with legendary raids in the Pokemon equivalent.

Wizards Unite Professions Leaders

Teaming up with other professions will be key.

Casual, solo play will certainly be achievable currently in Wizards Unite. The lower levels of a fortress are easy to tackle for new players and the rewards are decent.

If you plan on playing with friends or linking up with a local group, it will be important for your team to be diverse. A balanced team will bring much greater success in higher level fortress chambers than a team made up completely of aurors.

We hope this Wizards Unite Profession Guide will help you on your journey in the Wizarding World!

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