Wizards Unite Fortress Guide

Wizards Unite Fortress Guide; Wizarding Challenges

Welcome, fellow wizard, to our Wizards Unite Fortress Guide!

This guide will teach you all about Fortresses in Wizards Unite, including how to take them on, how runestones work, battle strategies, chamber enemies and more.

If you’re brand new to the game, we would recommend checking out our beginners guide to get yourself familiar with the games features before diving into our more detailed articles.

Wizards Unite Fortresses

Fortresses are where Wizarding Challenges take place within Wizards Unite; they are the tall, imposing castle-like structures on your game map. Fortresses can be taken on by solo players and as a team.

Fortress Lobby

Up to five players can team up to take on a fortress.

Here, you must take on fortress chambers, each with a varied level of difficulty and a variety of enemies/foes. Up to 5 players can enter the fortress as a team and battle their way through the fortress chambers.

The higher the floor you face, the bigger the rewards you will receive. However, the higher you go in the fortress, the more difficult the wizarding challenge will become.

Before you enter a fortress, you should ensure that you have a large amount of spell energy to use. You can find the best places to get spell energy from our guide.

How To Enter A Fortress


To enter a fortress, you need to use a Runestone. Runestones are rewarded to you every time you ‘rank up’ a registry family category by returning foundables.

What Runestone you use will determine the type of rewards you receive when completing a fortress level. Using a higher level runestone will give you better rewards, but will also mean you face more difficult enemies with higher HP.


Runestones can be gained from registry treasure trunks and the in-game store.

Runestones can also be purchased from the in-game shop, Diagon Alley.

If you want to leave a fortress lobby for any reason, you can do so and the runestone you chose will be returned to you.

Difficulty Rating

When you first enter a fortress lobby, you will spot a number in the top left corner of the screen. This is the difficulty rating of the fortress chamber you are about to enter. The higher the score, the more difficult it will be.

The level of difficulty is determined by how many players there are in the team, the level of the fortress chamber you’re attempting, and the level of the runestones being used by team members.

The game will recommend a Profession grade you should be on the lobby screen before you select a fortress chamber.

Taking On A Fortress

Strategic Spells

Before you engage an enemy in combat, you have the option of using strategic spells to weaken an enemy or boost yourself or a team-mate with power/stamina/defense boosts.

Spell Focus

You can find your strategic spells and focus bar at the bottom of the chamber.

To use a strategic spell, you need to build up your focus meter. Strategic spells cost focus to use; although some can be used with no focus built up at all.

The focus bar can be replenished by casting spells and defeating enemies.


As well as strategic spells, you can also activate any potions you want to use from this screen. You can also activate potions during the battle too (see further down).

Using a potion can help you take down your enemies easier if you need some help. Once you click on the potions icon (bottom right), each potion will tell you how it can be used in battle.

Fortress Enemies

When you (and your team if you’re not playing solo) enter a fortress, you will be faced with a number of enemies on the fortress chamber screen.

These enemies will range in difficulty depending on the enemies level, the enemies type, and your profession.

Fortress Enemy

Various enemies await you inside a fortress chamber.

Some enemies will be strong against you, neutral against you and weak against you depending on which profession you are.

The number of enemies you will have to face will vary depending on difficulty level. The number of you enemies you have to face to complete the chamber will appear in the top right corner.

There are four different types of enemies you can face in a fortress; Dark Forces, Curiosities, Beasts, and Neutral.

Dark Forces

Dark Forces are strong against Professors, neutral against Magizoologists and weak against Aurors:

Dark Wizard
Common, Elite Common, Formidable, Elite Formidable, Imposing, Elite Imposing, Dangerous, Elite Dangerous, Fierce, Elite Fierce
Death Eater
Common, Elite Common, Formidable, Elite Formidable, Imposing, Elite Imposing, Dangerous, Elite Dangerous, Fierce, Elite Fierce


Curiosities are strong against Magizoologists, neutral against Aurors and weak against Professors:

Azkaban Escapee
Dark Witch
Hungarian Horntail
Mountain Troll
Common, Elite Common, Formidable, Elite Formidable, Imposing, Elite Imposing, Dangerous, Elite Dangerous, Fierce, Elite Fierce
Common, Elite Common, Formidable, Elite Formidable, Imposing, Elite Imposing, Dangerous, Elite Dangerous, Fierce, Elite Fierce


Beasts are strong against Aurors, neutral against Professors and weak against Magizoologists:

Common, Elite Common, Formidable, Elite Formidable, Imposing, Elite Imposing, Dangerous, Elite Dangerous, Fierce, Elite Fierce
Baby Basilisk
Common, Elite, Formidable, Elite Formidable
Common, Elite Common, Formidable, Elite Formidable, Imposing, Elite Imposing, Dangerous, Elite Dangerous, Fierce, Elite Fierce
Imposing, Elite Imposing, Dangerous, Elite Dangerous, Fierce, Elite Fierce


Neutral enemies are neutral against all professions:

Horned Serpent

Defeating Fortress Enemies

That’s the pre-battle taken care of; now it’s time for combat to commence!

It’s important to note that once you enter a battle, you can leave at any time if you forgot to set a strategic spell, use a potion, picked the wrong enemy etc. Any damage you have already done to your opponent will stay the same.

Fortress Battle

You’re going down, Death Eater!

Attacking and Defending

There are two main features of a fortress battle; attack and defense. You and your opponent will take turns to attack and defend, but there are also times where you’ll be able to attack more than once, and have to defend more than once.

Perform an Attacking Spell

You’ll be prompted to attack when you see the star-like symbol appear, as seen above. To attack, drag your wand down to the symbol and hold it on the symbol until the bar fills up.

Once it fills up, a combat bolt trace will appear on your screen. Trace the combat bolt to perform an attack on your opponent. If you’re lucky, you may get a critical hit, causing more damage!

Perform a Defensive Spell

When you see your opponent lunge forward towards you, it’s time to defend yourself! A prompt will appear, warning you that you need to defend yourself against an incoming attack.

Fortress Defense

Trace the symbol to defend.

A Protego trace will appear on your screen. It doesn’t matter if you trace the symbol at the beginning of an attack or just before your opponent attacks, just swipe it and defend!

Fortress Protego

Protego will appear if you were successful.

If successful, you will cast the Protego spell and significantly reduce the damage that is done to you.

The battle will go back and forth until you hopefully defeat your enemy! If you feel like you’re struggling, you have the option to use potions during the battle aid your cause via the potions icon.

Also, remember to keep an eye on the countdown timer at the top of the screen. You have the time stated to complete the chamber!

Wizards Unite Fortress Rewards

When you (and any team-mates) have completed the chamber, you will receive your victory rewards.

Fortress Rewards

The rewards you get will vary depending on fortress floor level and the runestone used.

Wizards Unite Fortress Guide: Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Fortress battles.

  • If you’re planning several Fortress battles in a row, activate a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir and double your XP gain.
  • If you’re playing as a team with other players, try and have a mix of professions so you can each target enemies that you are strong against.
  • If you’re out of combat and waiting for a team-mate, use your strategic spells to help them defeat their enemy.
  • Try and have a stock of potions before you attempt a harder level in a Fortress; you may need them!

We hope this Wizards Unite Fortress Guide will help you on your journey in the Wizarding World! Have we missed something? Contact us and let us know!

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