Wizards Unite Released

Wizards Unite Begins To Launch In US and UK

Breaking news, Wizards! Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has started to appear in app stores on both Android and iOS devices in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Images of the game being available in app stores began appearing on Facebook Groups, Reddit and other social media websites around an hour ago (3pm GMT).

Wizards Unite Released

Wizards Unite is starting to roll out in the United States and United Kingdom.

It is not yet clear whether this is only available to people who pre-registered on the official website, or if it’s a random roll out to everybody in the US and UK.

Update: It appears that the release is a general release for everybody, as a member of the Wizards Unite team has stated on Reddit:

Wizards Unite Reddit

If it is the latter, please allow time for the game to show up on your device if it has not done so yet. Happy playing!

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