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Wizards Unite Beginners Guide; How To Get Started!

Welcome, fellow wizard, to our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite beginners guide!

This beginners guide will give you the best possible start in Wizards Unite. We’ll go through the process from start to finish, from creating your account to overviews on potions, ingredients, energy, dark detectors, fortresses and everything else the game has to offer.

Registering on Wizards Unite

The first thing you’ll need to do of course is to download the game. Once the download is complete, it’s time to fire up Wizards Unite for the first time. It’s a good job you’re here; the Wizarding World is at risk of exposure, and your help is desperately needed!

Wizards Unite Beginners Guide

Your help is needed, Wizard!

When the game first loads, you will be asked to create an account via Facebook or Google and agree to the terms and conditions. Afterwards, fill out your first and last name (which can be changed at any time) followed by your code name for the game. The code name cannot currently be changed, so choose wisely as you’ll be stuck with it!

Tutorial and Ministry ID

Once this is completed, the Wizards Unite tutorial will begin. You’ll be guided on how to return a foundable back to it’s rightful place in the Wizarding World. The foundable for the tutorial is our friend, Hagrid! Clicking the registry icon will show you your progress as and when you return each foundable.

Once the tutorial is finished, it’s time to set up your Ministry ID! Click the wizard silhouette on the bottom left of your screen to set this up. This screen is also where you can change your first and last name. You can also create a profile picture, set your favourite Hogwarts house and wizarding achievements from the game, plus choose your wand type from Ollivanders.

Adding Friends on Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite is a social game, and Niantic is keen to enforce that. Having friends on the game is likely to have a big impact as the game develops and new features are added.

On the bottom left of your map interface, you will see a button with two wizards on it. This is where your ‘social’ section is located. From this section, you can add friends to your profile. The current limit on the amount of friends you can have is 200.

The main benefit of having friends on Wizards Unite at the moment is the bonus you get from tackling Fortresses together. It’s expected that more social features will be added to the game in the months to come.

Professions in Wizards Unite

Once you hit Level 6, which should happen relatively quickly, you’ll be faced with your first big choice within Wizards Unite. This is the part of the game where you’ll choose your Profession. There are currently three professions to choose from:

Auror, led by Harry Potter.
Magizoologist, led by Reubeus Hagrid.
Professor, led by Minerva McGonagall.

Wizards Unite Magizoologist Profession

The logos for the three Wizards Unite professions.

Each profession comes with their own set of unique skills in the form of a skill tree.

Aurors are “combat veterans who cast debilitating spells designed to defeat the Dark Forces”. Magizoologists are “healers who focus on helping their teammates”. Professors are “strong spell-casters who can use debilitating spells to take down enemies”.

You can read more about how Professions work with our detailed Wizards Unite Professions Guide!

Energy and Dark Detectors in Wizards Unite

One of the first things you’ll probably notice is your Energy level. When you first start the game, your energy capacity is 75. Energy will go down with each foundable returned, spell used, and fortress participated in.

Energy can be refilled by visiting an Inn.  It is a similar concept to Pokemon Go, where visiting Pokestops replenishes your Pokeballs. Greenhouses will also occasionally reward you with energy for visiting them. Energy can also be bought in the games store, Diagon Alley, in exchange for coins.

Dark Detectors also follow a Pokemon Go concept. Where Lures in Pokemon Go attract Pokemon to you when activated at a Pokestop, Dark Detectors in Wizards Unite attract rarer traces when activated at an Inn. Up to three Dark Detectors can be activated at any one time; the more detectors activated, the rarer the traces that will show up.

Potions and Ingredients in Wizards Unite

Potions and Ingredients are an important part of the game as you progress in the Wizarding World. When you brew a potion, you have a chance of decreasing the waiting time by 15% if you can correctly guess the Master Notes.

Master Notes are a set of actions attached to each potion which, if successfully performed, will reduce the time it takes for your potion to brew. For more information on master notes, check out our Wizards Unite Master Notes guide.

Potions Wizards Unite

Various potions are available in the game.

At the time of writing, there are 15 potions currently in the game. Certain potions will only unlock once you have reached a specific level.

There are 57 ingredients currently in the game at the time of writing. Ingredients are found by walking around on your map and tapping on them to collect them and store them in your inventory. Some ingredients are rarer to find than others.

We have a detailed Wizards Unite Potions guide for you to check out to learn more about every potion and ingredient in the game!

Spells in Wizards Unite

Spells are used to battle Confoundables and send Foundables back to where they belong. To return a foundable, you’ll need to accurately trace a Glpyh. What Glyph you get depends on which spell you’ll need to use on the Confounable.

Wizards Unite Spells

You will need to cast a variety of spells depending on the scenario you face.

Different Confoundables will require different spells to be used on them. As of writing, there are currently 14 spells in Wizards Unite, which is highly likely to increase over time.

You can read into Spells and Glyphs in more detail with our Wizards Unite Spells Guide!

Portkeys in Wizards Unite

Portkeys take you to an iconic place within the Wizarding World. You will need to walk a certain distance to activate them, similar to how egg hatching works in Pokemon Go. The distances are 2km, 5km and 10km.

Portkeys can be found on your map as you walk around, and require silver keys to open. Silver keys can be unlocked as you level up and progess in Wizards Unite, and can also be purchased from Diagon Alley, the in-game store.

Wizards Unite Portkey Portmanteau

Portkeys will be unlocked after you walk a variety of distances.

Wizards Unite also gives you a golden key, which can be used an infinite amount of times. Gold and Silver keys work similarly to the Incubators in Pokemon Go.

More information on how Portkeys and Portmanteaus work can be found in our detailed Wizards Unite Portkeys and Portmanteaus guide!

Fortresses and Runestones in Wizards Unite

Fortresses are the Wizards Unite equivalent of Gyms/Raid battles in Pokemon Go. The fortresses can be entered by up to five players and require an item called a Runestone to enter.

Wizards Unite Fortresses

Fortresses have multiple floors, with each level becoming more difficult.

Players will team up, ideally with a range of professions, and take on the fortress floor by floor. The higher the floor, the better the reward. Naturally, the higher you get, the more difficult it is to complete. You can choose which floor you want to face before you enter the fortress.

Fortresses are the most complex part of the game so far, and we have produced a detailed Wizards Unite Fortresses guide to help you with these!

Assignments in Wizards Unite

Assignments are sets tasks that, when completed, will reward you with items such as XP, potion ingredients and spell energy. There are current four different categories for assignments in the game.

Daily assignments are a set of tasks you can complete on a day to day basis. As of writing, there are 7 daily assignment tasks to complete each day. Completing the tasks will gift you a variety of rewards, from gold coins to spell energy and lesson scrolls. You will also receive a Daily Treasure on this section for each day you log in to the game.

Achievements assignments are a set of tasks that will reward you as you progress through the game. These tasks range from using a certain amount of spells to walking a certain amount of distances. You will naturally unlock these achievements as you play the game.

Wizards Unite Daily Assignments

Daily assignments reset at midnight in your time zone.

SOS assignments are part of the story within Wizards Unite. The Statute of Secrecy will set you different tasks as you progress through the assignments.

Special assignments are listed as ‘coming soon’ on the game and will likely involve special events held by Niantic, similar to Pokemon Go events.

You can read even more details about Assignments with our Wizards Unite Assignments Guide!

Wizards Unite Map Interface

The Wizards Unite map, as well as everything above, will also contain buildings called Inns and Greenhouses.

Inns are used to refill your spell energy, similar to how Pokestops replenish Pokeballs in Pokemon Go. Like Pokemon Go, there is a five minute cooldown period per Inn before you can use it again.

Wizards Unite Map Interface

Inns and Greenhouses will show up on your Wizards Unite map.

Greenhouses are where you can collect potion ingredients and also brew potions, as well as sometimes collect spell energy. At the start of the game, you can only brew one potion at a time. Once you reach Level 10, this expands to allow you to brew an additional four potions at any time.

Final Tips From Our Wizards Unite Beginners Guide

There you have it! This Wizards Unite beginners guide has provided you with an overview of everything the game has to offer. Make sure you check out the detailed guides linked under each section to get a more in depth look at the game features.

Once you have got to grips with the game, we highly recommend checking out our guide on how to level up fast in Wizards Unite to get the most out of your gameplay!

Reddit user OldWolf2 has also provided a helpful tips and tricks list for new players:

  • Ensure you have lots of Spell Energy (at least 30) before entering a Fortress. If you run out then you have to either abandon the Fortress (forfeiting your Runestone and rewards) or pay 100 Gold.
  • If you get a 5 KM or 10 KM Portmanteau, use a Silver Key on it. Saving the gold key for the 2 KM ones will get the most value from it.
  • Always use the Baruffio’s Brain Elixir for opening a Portmanteau – they give good XP and you’ll want to double that.
  • Don’t let your Ingredients (in the Vault) get full as then you will forfeit rare ingredient rewards. You’ll need to regularly check this and delete unwanted ingredients to maintain free space.
  • Use Potions very liberally. I’m using a Brain Elixir any time I intend to play for 10 minutes straight, and chain chugging in solo Fortress play, and using at least the basic Exstimulo potion for any Foundable I’m not maxed out on.
  • Don’t worry about running out of a potion – even if you’re too low level to brew it, you get a lot of potions as rewards for other activities too.

We hope this Wizards Unite Beginners Guide will help you as you start your journey in the Wizarding World! You can find further guides in our guides section, as well as news, updates, events, tips and tricks and much more across the site.

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