Wizards Unite Assignments Guide

Wizards Unite Assignments Guide; Tasks and Rewards

Welcome, fellow wizard, to our Wizards Unite Assignments Guide!

This guide will teach you all about the various assignments within Wizards Unite, plus give you information on the rewards you can receive once you have completed them.

If you’re brand new to the game, we would recommend checking out our beginners guide to get yourself familiar with the games features before diving into our more detailed articles.

Wizards Unite Assignments

Assignments Assignments are sets tasks that, when completed, will reward you with items such as XP, potion ingredients and spell energy. There are currently four different categories for assignments in the game.

Daily Assignments

Daily assignments are self-explanatory; they are a set of tasks that you can complete every day. The game will set you 7 tasks to complete which, as of writing, appear to be the same tasks each day:



Return 10 Foundables+1 Exstimulo Potion
Dine at Inns 2 Times+3 Granian Hair
Pick Up 1 Ingredient or Portmanteau on the Map+10 Spell Energy
Brew 1 Potion+2 Spell Scrolls
Use 1 Potion+2 Spell Scrolls
Walk 0.25 Kilometres+250 XP
Complete 1 Wizarding Challenge+2 Gold
Complete All Daily Assignment Tasks+8 Gold

Completing each task will see you receive the reward listed. These tasks reset at midnight in your timezone.

Daily Treasure

Simply logging in to Wizards Unite each day will also see you rewarded with a Daily Treasure, provided by the Ministry as an appreciation of your commitment in helping to combat the Calamity!

Wizards Unite Daily Treasure

The daily treasure you receive can be anything from potions to spell energy.

The daily treasure resets at midnight in your timezone each day. The reward you receive can be anything from spell energy and potions to XP and gold.

Special Assignments

Special Assignments are currently labelled as ‘coming soon’ on the game. This is because Special Assignments will provide tasks from the Ministry during select times, such as when Events are being held.

Wizards Unite Special Assignments

Special Assignments will feature at events held by Niantic.

Completing the tasks when special assignments are active will likely bring bigger and better rewards because a special event is on. Keep an eye on our news page for when the next Wizards Unite event will be taking place.

SOS Assignments

SOS Assignments are special story-driven tasks. You will work with Constane Pickering of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to help the Ministry understand more about the calamity and also help them to contain it.

Wizards Unite SOS Assignments

Complete SOS assignments to learn more about the calamity.

You will discover more about how the calamity happened as you complete each task set. Some tasks are completed randomly, such as finding an item from a trace encounter. Some are set tasks you can complete at any time, such as completing a certain number of Wizarding Challenges in Fortresses.

As you complete more and more SOS assignments, you will meet famous characters from the Harry Potter series, such as Hermione Granger and even Harry himself!


Achievements are tasks that you will naturally unlock as you play Wizards Unite. They feature tasks from across the whole game; from using potions a certain number of times, to having a certain number of friends on your account.

Wizards Unite Achievements

Achievements will naturally unlock as you play.

Achievements go up in three stages; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once you have completed a bronze level, the task will remain the same. However, the amount of times you will have to perform a task will increase the higher the stage is.

It is possible to focus on completing these tasks, but we suggest just playing the game naturally. You will perform the tasks required to unlock achievements on a regular basis, so you will unlock these naturally with regular play.

Once unlocked, achievements will reward you with a variety of items, including gold and XP, plus some achievements come with special badges and titles for your Ministry ID.

We hope this Wizards Unite Assignments Guide will help you on your journey in the Wizarding World! Have we missed something? Contact Us and let us know!

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