How To Cast Masterful Spells In Wizards Unite

How To Cast Masterful Spells In Wizards Unite

Maximising your XP is critical to progressing quickly in the game. This article will show you how to get the most out of your confoundable encounters by showing you how to cast masterful spells in Wizards Unite.

Spell Casting XP Boosts

Naturally, you want to level up faster in Wizards Unite to unlock more game items and become a more powerful wizard.

There are four different spell ratings in Wizards Unite; Fair, Good, Great and Masterful. Casting better spells will net you more XP per encounter, thus increasing your wizarding XP faster.

The better you cast your spell, the better rating you will receive and the bigger XP boost you will be rewarded with:

  • Fair: 0XP Boost
  • Good: 20XP Boost
  • Great: 50XP Boost
  • Masterful: 100XP Boost

As you can see, only managing a ‘fair’ spell will net you no boost at all! However, hitting great and masterful spells on a regular basis will net you a good boost and vastly increase your wizarding XP gain in the long term.

How To Cast Masterful Spells In Wizards Unite

As with most things in life; practice makes perfect. The more you practice at something, the better you will become at it.

This formula is exactly the same for casting spells in Wizards Unite. The more you practice the 13 different spells available, the better you will become at tracing the glyph and casting the spell more successfully.

Masterful Wizards Unite

Casting Masterful spells will gain you more XP.

At first, it will feel very difficult to hit Masterful spells. As you continue to practice, you will notice it getting easier and easier; particularly for certain spells which are easier to trace like Meteolojinx Recanto and Aguamenti.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to cast masterful spells in Wizards Unite.

Speed over Accuracy

It may sound surprising, but it’s more important to cast a spell quickly than accurately! You would probably think it should be the other way around, but with how the spell rating mechanic works, it’s more important to get a spell away quickly than to trace it perfectly.

Masterful Spell Rating

This spell trace was far from perfect, but was fast and accurate enough to get a ‘Masterful’ rating!

It’s important to note that you do still need a degree of accuracy, but speed should be prioritized. You can drag your finger across the screen at the speed of light, but if your spells looks more an ‘f’ for Fail than ‘e’ for Ebublio, you stand no chance!

Wizards Unite Spell Rating Bar

Get as close the ‘Great’ rating section as possible; this was close enough for a Masterful spell.

If you can perform a relatively accurate trace quickly, get the arrow on the rating bar as close to the ‘great’ section as possible and your traced spell turns green, you stand a very good chance of casting a masterful spell.

Target Certain Spells

As mentioned above, it feels easier to hit Masterful spell ratings on certain spells than others. This may well be down to user preference though; someone may find one spell easy to hit a Masterful on, and someone else can struggle with it.

Masterful Meteolojinx Recanto

Not the best trace in the world, but still Masterful!

From my experience, there are definitely spells that are easier to trace than others. Ask me to hit a Masterful on Meteolojinx Recanto and I can probably do it a good eight of ten times, which is increasing the more I practice. Ask me to hit a Masterful on Arresto Momentum though and it’s a whole different story!

It will more than likely be down to user preference, but I personally target Aguamenti, Meteolojinx Recanto and Diffindo for my likely Masterful spell ratings at the moment. Bombarda is also getting much easier for me.

Take Your Time, Focus, Concentrate, Be Confident

It may sound a little odd, but it’s important to be confident when casting spells and trying to hit that Masterful spell rating!

If you have it in your head before you even place your finger on the screen that you’re not going to hit it….chances are, you won’t hit it.

When you’re ready to attempt a Masterful spell in an encounter, don’t rush into it. Take your time. The Confoundable will not depart because you haven’t moved quick enough!

Masterful Aguamenti

Focus on the target and take your time.

Steady yourself, focus on the spell you have to trace and concentrate. If you rush into your spell cast and aren’t really paying attention, you will cast more bad traces than good ones.

It can be tempting to trace and get through encounters as quick as possible; especially if travelling (don’t cast and drive folks), but if you want to hit those Masterful spells, you will have a better chance if you relax, take your time and focus!

Practice, Practice and Practice

Some people have a natural gift for certain things; art and sport for example. However, for us mere mortals, practice makes perfect. The more times you practice at something, the better you will be.

If you’re new to Wizards Unite, don’t expect to be casting Masterful spells on a regular basis! It will take time and it will take practice, but if you follow the tips above, you will get there.

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