HP-WU was formed in 2019 on the dawn of Wizards Unites’ release to provide our Facebook page, Facebook group and the whole playerbase with an up-to-date, informative resource for the Harry Potter mobile game. We’re a very small team who pride ourselves on providing the best possible content for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.


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We try to cover every single aspect of HP-WU with our dedicated website sections. Feel we may have missed something? Please head over to our contact page and let us know!


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Our social pages have garnered a huge following in a short space of time, with over 4700 page likes and 2900 group members in the first month of launch. We expect this number to grow massively now that HP-WU releases worldwide. We would love you to come and join us so if you’re a Facebook user, click the links above and come and get involved!

Our Twitter feed is currently under construction and has not yet launched. Please check back soon!