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Dragons Coming As Regional Exclusives To Wizards Unite

Attention, fellow wizards! Dragons will soon be appearing in the Wizarding World.

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team at Niantic announced that the mythological beasts will be debuting in the game at the upcoming Wizards Unite Fan Festival in Indianapolis on August 31st and September 1st.

After the festival, various species of dragons will become available worldwide as regional exclusives, similar to the regional pokemon mechanic in Pokemon Go.

The official Wizards Unite Twitter account released a short video showing a Common Welsh Green dragon being taken on in combat:

The four dragons that will be available initially are the Common Welsh Green, Antipodean Opaleye, Chinese Fireball and Peruvian Vipertooth.  As we know, in the Harry Potter universe, there are several more species of Dragons, so expect more to come in time.

All four of the Dragons will be available at the Wizards Unite Fan Festival before being regionally locked. The dragons will be joining the oddities section of the game, with combat set to be the same as taking on a vampire, werewolf or doxy.

Wizards Unite Dragons Registry
The Registry pages for Dragons were shown at San Diego Comic-Con.

We also got a sneak peek of the Registry pages for the Dragons during the announcement, with four dragons and four dragon eggs being added to the game, giving players eight new Foundables to find.

It is not currently known which dragons will be available in which regions, but rest assured that HP-WU will have a full guide to dragons as soon as the information becomes available to us.

Wizards Unite Events

Wizards Unite Community Day: July 20th 2019

Welcome, fellow wizard, to our guide for the first ever Wizards Unite Community Day! The debut community day will take place on Saturday, July 20th.

Here’s what you can expect to see during the three-hour window.

Wizards Unite Community Day: Details

Free Store Pack

A free pack will be available from the Wizards Unite in-game store, Diagon Alley, containing 50 spell energy and 1 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir potion.

Baruffio’s Brain Elixir

When you activate a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir potion, you will receive 3x the amount of XP! We have a special section for this potion under our guide on how to level up fast in Wizards Unite that you should definitely check out. It will help you get the most out of this 3x XP bonus.

Remember also, that the Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event will still be taking place during Community Day, so you can bag 3x the amount of XP for your Hedwig and Quidditch Harry fragments!

Increased Traces

Wizards will see an increase in the amount of traces that appear on the map. The Hogwarts School family will see a boost in trace numbers.

Dark Detectors

Dark Detectors will last double the amount of time when placed in an inn. Detectors will last for one hour instead of thirty minutes, so hold on to them until Saturday when you will get more out of them.

Wizards Unite Community Day: Times

The community day event will last for three hours during the following times:

Asian Pacific

1:00pm to 4:00pm AEST (UTC+10)

Europe, Middle East, Africa and India

10:00am to 1:00pm UTC

Americas and Greenland

11:00am to 2:00pm PDT (UTC +7)

You can use the time converter website to find the exact time the event begins and ends in your closest city.

Wizards Unite Events

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event; Full Event Details

Welcome, fellow wizard, to the Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event!

The next special event for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is coming today, July 16th. The first portion of the event will last for one week, running to July 23rd. A second week of the event will begin on July 30th through to August 6th.

Here is the official in-game description of the event:

An unusually high number of Harry Potter-related Foundables is being reported. Minister Granger theorizes that a recent Daily Prophet feature about Harry’s involvement with the SOS Task Force may be the cause.

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event: Event Times

The first week of event will begin today, July 16th, at 11am pacific time and run through to July 23rd, 11am pacific time.

The second week of the event will begin July 30th at 11am pacific time and run through to August 6th, 11am pacific time.

The time zone converter website can tell you what time this will be in your timezone! Simply type 11am pacific time into the first box, and your nearest city in the second box.

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event: Event Details


Potters Calamity Brilliant Event Registry
The Week One Registry page.

As with the Fantastic Flora and Fauna event, there will be a special event registry page to complete. As before, you will be able to find fragments of these foundables in different locations.

Potters Calamity Brilliant Event Registry
The Week Two Registry page.

Some will be available through wild encounters, whereas others will be obtained from wizarding challenges in fortresses and through the special assignments set.

There are different special assignments and registry pages for both weeks of the event.

Restricted Section Books

Restricted Section Book

Restricted Section Books will be available to collect during the special event! As with Fantastic Flora and Fauna, there will be 15 more restricted section books available for each week of the event, so 30 in total.

Event Runestones

Special event runestones will be available each time you ‘rank up’ the Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event’s registry page. Using these runestones in fortresses will reward you with fragments for the registry.

Editors Update: There was an issue in Week 1 of the event with the Weasley Jumper not dropping from completed wizarding challenges. This has been addressed by the Wizards Unite support team and fragments are dropping much more often now.

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event: Foundable Locations

The Brilliant Foundables for this event can be found in the following locations:

Week One

Wild Encounter
Qudditch Captain Harry
Wild Encounter
Harry's Weasley Jumper
Fortress Reward
Harry's School Trunk
Portkey Reward
Mismatched Socks
Task Reward
Harry's Triwizard Cup Uniform
Task Reward

Week Two

Golden Snitch
Wild Encounter
Hogwarts Heroes Daily Prophet
Fortress Reward
Harry's Ministry ID Card
Portkey Reward
DMLE Badge
Section 2 Task Reward
London Five Photograph
Section 3 Task Reward
Framed Family Photo (Ginny, Albus, James, Lily)
Section 4 Task Reward

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event: Event Rewards

The following table shows you the tasks you will need to complete under special assignments and the reward given for doing so.

Week One

Return 3 Foundables.
2 Restricted Section Books
Pick up 2 Ingredients or Portmanteaus on the map.
10 Brilliant Family XP
Return 3 Hogwarts School Family Foundables.
15 Brilliant Family XP
Section Completion Rewards
20 Brilliant Family XP, 2 Restricted Section Books, 500 XP, Sticker Sock Green With Snithes

Recover 2 Brilliant Hedwig Foundable Fragments.
300 XP
Unlock 1 Portkey Portmanteau.
10 Brilliant Family XP
Perform 10 Great Spell Casts
15 Brilliant Family XP
Section Completion Rewards
25 Brilliant Family XP, 2 Restricted Section Books, 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions, 500 XP

Return 3 High Foundables.
500 XP
Recover 2 Brilliant Quidditch Captain Harry Foundable fragments.
500 XP
Return 3 Legends Of Hogwarts Family foundables.
15 Brilliant Family XP
Section Completion Rewards
25 Brilliant Family XP, 3 Restricted Section Books, 1 Brilliant Mismatched Socks Fragment, Frame Marauders Map

Unlock 4 Portkey Portmanteau.
750 XP
Brew 7 Potions
10 Brilliant Family XP
Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges.
15 Brilliant Family XP
Section Completion Rewards
5 Restricted Section Books, 50 Coins, 1 Brilliant Harry's Triwizard Cup Uniform, Fragment Lens Messy Hair

Week Two

Editors Update: The tasks for week two of the event have changed recently and the below lists have been updated. The tasks look a little bit tougher now!

Pick up 5 Ingredients or Portmanteaus.
10 Brilliant Family XP
Dine at Inns 2 times.
10 Brilliant Family XP
Return 5 Medium-Threat Foundables
15 Brilliant Family XP
Section Completion Rewards
20 Brilliant Family XP, 2 Restricted Section Books, 500 XP, Sticker Sock Red with Brooms

Recover 2 Brilliant Golden Snitch Foundable Fragments.
300 XP
Unlock 4 Portkey Portmanteaus.
2 Restricted Section Books
Perform 10 Great Spell Casts.
5 Brilliant Family XP
Section Completion Rewards
2 Potent Exstimulo Potions, 2 Restricted Section Books, 1 Brilliant DMLE Badge Fragment, Frame Ornate Harry

Return 4 High-Threat Foundables.
500 XP
Recover 3 Brilliant Golden Snitch Foundable fragments.
500 XP
Return 4 Dark Arts Family Foundables.
15 Brilliant Family XP
Section Completion Rewards
25 Brilliant Family XP, 3 Restricted Section Books, 1 Brilliant London Five Photograph Fragment, Sticker Stag Patronus

Brew 8 Potions.
750 XP
Use 8 Potions.
10 Brilliant Family XP
Defeat 3 Common Dark Wizards in Wizarding Challenges.
15 Brilliant Family XP
Section Completion Rewards
7 Restricted Section Books, 50 Gold, 1 Brilliant Framed Family Photo (Ginny, Albus, James, Lily) Fragment, Lens Taped Glasses

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event: Event Tips

  • Make full use of the Baruffio’s Brain Elixir potion whenever you can; you can expect to receive 1000+ XP per completed Hedwig and Quidditch Harry! (Editors Update: Sadly, this got nerfed, but you can still wrack up some good XP…just not as good.)
  • Try and keep your ingredients for potions well stocked and choose to brew 2 hour potions to complete the brew potion tasks faster.
  • Save 3-4 silver keys for the special 7km portkeys. You will need these to fill out the registry page as well.
  • Save some 2km portkeys for a quick unlock to complete the portkey special assignment tasks.
  • DO NOT waste higher tier potions (Dawdle Draughts and Potent Estimulo) on the wild encounters. If the first part of this event is anything to go by, you will find plenty!
  • Check out our guide on how to perform masterful spell casts for help on regularly hitting great spells for one of the tasks, and also hitting more masterful spells.

We hope this guide to the Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event gives you all the info you need to have a successful time!

We will update this guide as and when new information becomes available. Have we missed something? Contact us and let us know!

Wizards Unite Tips and Tricks

How To Cast Masterful Spells In Wizards Unite

Maximising your XP is critical to progressing quickly in the game. This article will show you how to get the most out of your confoundable encounters by showing you how to cast masterful spells in Wizards Unite.

Spell Casting XP Boosts

Naturally, you want to level up faster in Wizards Unite to unlock more game items and become a more powerful wizard.

There are four different spell ratings in Wizards Unite; Fair, Good, Great and Masterful. Casting better spells will net you more XP per encounter, thus increasing your wizarding XP faster.

The better you cast your spell, the better rating you will receive and the bigger XP boost you will be rewarded with:

  • Fair: 0XP Boost
  • Good: 20XP Boost
  • Great: 50XP Boost
  • Masterful: 100XP Boost

As you can see, only managing a ‘fair’ spell will net you no boost at all! However, hitting great and masterful spells on a regular basis will net you a good boost and vastly increase your wizarding XP gain in the long term.

How To Cast Masterful Spells In Wizards Unite

As with most things in life; practice makes perfect. The more you practice at something, the better you will become at it.

This formula is exactly the same for casting spells in Wizards Unite. The more you practice the 13 different spells available, the better you will become at tracing the glyph and casting the spell more successfully.

Masterful Wizards Unite
Casting Masterful spells will gain you more XP.

At first, it will feel very difficult to hit Masterful spells. As you continue to practice, you will notice it getting easier and easier; particularly for certain spells which are easier to trace like Meteolojinx Recanto and Aguamenti.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to cast masterful spells in Wizards Unite.

Speed over Accuracy

It may sound surprising, but it’s more important to cast a spell quickly than accurately! You would probably think it should be the other way around, but with how the spell rating mechanic works, it’s more important to get a spell away quickly than to trace it perfectly.

Masterful Spell Rating
This spell trace was far from perfect, but was fast and accurate enough to get a ‘Masterful’ rating!

It’s important to note that you do still need a degree of accuracy, but speed should be prioritized. You can drag your finger across the screen at the speed of light, but if your spells looks more an ‘f’ for Fail than ‘e’ for Ebublio, you stand no chance!

Wizards Unite Spell Rating Bar
Get as close the ‘Great’ rating section as possible; this was close enough for a Masterful spell.

If you can perform a relatively accurate trace quickly, get the arrow on the rating bar as close to the ‘great’ section as possible and your traced spell turns green, you stand a very good chance of casting a masterful spell.

Target Certain Spells

As mentioned above, it feels easier to hit Masterful spell ratings on certain spells than others. This may well be down to user preference though; someone may find one spell easy to hit a Masterful on, and someone else can struggle with it.

Masterful Meteolojinx Recanto
Not the best trace in the world, but still Masterful!

From my experience, there are definitely spells that are easier to trace than others. Ask me to hit a Masterful on Meteolojinx Recanto and I can probably do it a good eight of ten times, which is increasing the more I practice. Ask me to hit a Masterful on Arresto Momentum though and it’s a whole different story!

It will more than likely be down to user preference, but I personally target Aguamenti, Meteolojinx Recanto and Diffindo for my likely Masterful spell ratings at the moment. Bombarda is also getting much easier for me.

Take Your Time, Focus, Concentrate, Be Confident

It may sound a little odd, but it’s important to be confident when casting spells and trying to hit that Masterful spell rating!

If you have it in your head before you even place your finger on the screen that you’re not going to hit it….chances are, you won’t hit it.

When you’re ready to attempt a Masterful spell in an encounter, don’t rush into it. Take your time. The Confoundable will not depart because you haven’t moved quick enough!

Masterful Aguamenti
Focus on the target and take your time.

Steady yourself, focus on the spell you have to trace and concentrate. If you rush into your spell cast and aren’t really paying attention, you will cast more bad traces than good ones.

It can be tempting to trace and get through encounters as quick as possible; especially if travelling (don’t cast and drive folks), but if you want to hit those Masterful spells, you will have a better chance if you relax, take your time and focus!

Practice, Practice and Practice

Some people have a natural gift for certain things; art and sport for example. However, for us mere mortals, practice makes perfect. The more times you practice at something, the better you will be.

If you’re new to Wizards Unite, don’t expect to be casting Masterful spells on a regular basis! It will take time and it will take practice, but if you follow the tips above, you will get there.

Wizards Unite Competitions

Win 1800 Wizards Unite Gold! (July 2019)

Attention, fellow Wizard! We’re back with yet another Wizards Unite gold giveaway!

We gave away two 900 gold bundles for Wizards Unite in June 2019 and we’re doing the same again this month. Alesha and Nate were the lucky winners last month, it may be your turn this time!

Once again, entering our competition is very simple.

Enter The Competition

To enter the competition, all you have to do is:

Follow Us On Twitter

You can follow our Twitter page here.

Retweet the Competition Tweet

You can retweet the competition tweet here.

Comment On Our Page or Group Post

Comment on the Facebook Page post or Facebook Group post for the competition to let us know you’ve entered.

Once you’ve completed the steps, that’s it.

You’re entered and in with a chance of winning Gold for your Wizards Unite account!

The winners will be announced on the competitions section of the website plus the Facebook Page, Facebook Group and on Twitter. Good luck, fellow wizard!

Don’t use Twitter?

Don’t worry! There will be a lot more prize giveaways to come for you to enter!

Terms and Conditions

This competition will close on Sunday, July 28th 2019 at Noon GMT.
Winners will be announced and contacted the same day.
This competition is strictly open to one entry per person.
This competition is only open to residents of Canada, United States and United Kingdom.
Any unfollowing after entering will result in disqualification.
The prize on offer is 2x 900 Wizards Unite Gold worth £/$9.99 each.
Prizes will be sent in the form of Google Play/Apple gift cards.

Terms and Conditions may be added to or amended at any time.

Wizards Unite Updates

Wizards Unite Update 2.0.2; Patch Notes Included

Attention, fellow wizards! Wizards Unite has been updated to version 2.0.2.

This update adds data for the upcoming Fantastic Flora and Fauna event, plus fixes a lot of bugs that were reported by Wizards Unite players.

The following was posted by u/hpwu_fazes on Reddit:


We’ve updated Harry Potter: Wizards Unite with the following:

Brilliant Event:

Fantastic Flora and Fauna is starting soon! The Forbidden Forest has been thrown out of sorts by the Calamity. Lend Hagrid a helping hand by returning the forest’s missing flora and fauna to its proper place.

Bug Fixes:

Daily Assignments:

  • Fixed an issue with Daily Assignments not counting progress until you visited the Daily Assignments tab before progressing in gameplay.

Daily Treasure:

  • Fixed an issue with the Daily Treasure appearing blank when a player first enters the page.


  • Fixed an issue where if you unlock Professions at level 6, then backed out of the tutorial, you would receive an error.

Ministry ID Portrait:

  • Fixed an issue where using Moving Sticker on your Portrait could give you the message, “Unable to save your Ministry ID.”.

  • Fixed an issue where for some players, opening the Portrait camera could cause an error.


  • Fixed an issue where if you entered a Greenhouse for the first time, then backed out of the tutorial for Growing, you would receive an error.


  • Various text fixes.

Known Issues:

Ministry ID Portrait

  • Taking a photo with the Death Eater lens may not be reflected on Ministry ID Portrait immediately. If you save the Portrait, the Death Eater lens will be in the picture.

Check your devices relevant app store to install the latest game update.

Stay tuned to for all the latest developments with Wizards Unite!

You can find the latest on future game updates in our updates section, as well as news, events, guides, tips and tricks and much more across the site.

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